Welcome to Singapore Collections Online

The Singapore Collections Online (SGCOOL) website is an online repository of artefacts and artworks in Singapore, making available to the public highlights from the National Heritage Board's collection. This website provides virtual access to digitised artefacts and artworks of the collection. Visitors can now view cultural treasures and historical artefacts at the click of a mouse and in the comfort of their own homes.

SGCOOL is a resource for researchers, art aficionados and enthusiasts alike. The collection includes iconic pieces such as Singapore's leading artist Tan Swie Hian's Humming Birds Racing; celebrated artist John Singer Sargent's century-old, highly valued portrait of Sir Frank A. Swettenham and the Kushana Buddha, one of the few rare examples of this kind of sculptures in the world. Many of these images are accompanied by summarised write-ups on the artefact or artwork.

Artefact and artwork images from NHB's collection are updated and uploaded to the SGCOOL website regularly. Enjoy our selected highlights by clicking on Highlights above or click on Search to embark on your journey of discovery. Terms of Use apply.

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